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Aktuální alba a singly, které by ti neměly uniknout.
Zobrazuji výpis desek pro období únor, 2017
Datum Skupina Deska Label
3/2/2017 AfterLife Vicious Cycle StaySick Recordings
10/2/2017 Mutiny Within Origins self-released
10/2/2017 First Blood Rules Pure Noise Records
17/2/2017 Lorna Shore Flesh Coffin Outerloop Records
17/2/2017 Ghost Key If I Don't Make It InVogue Records
17/2/2017 Strawberry Girls Italian Ghosts Tragic Hero Records
18/2/2017 ESAZLESA Společnost psů Day After Records
24/2/2017 Six Feet Under Torment Metal Blade Records
24/2/2017 Born of Osiris The Eternal Reign EP Sumerian Records
24/2/2017 Benighted Necrobreed Season Of Mist
24/2/2017 Reaping Asmodeia Impuritize Prosthetic Records
24/2/2017 Suicide Silence Suicide Silence Nuclear Blast Records
24/2/2017 So This Is Suffering Palace Of The Pessimist Unique Leader Records