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Zobrazuji výpis desek pro období květen, 2019
Datum Skupina Deska Label
3/5/2019 Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes End Of Suffering International Death Cult
3/5/2019 New Found Glory From The Screen To Your Stereo 3 self-released
3/5/2019 Bad Religion Age of Unreason Epitaph Records
3/5/2019 Imminence Turn the Light On Arising Empire
10/5/2019 Mental Cruelty Inferis Unique Leader Records
10/5/2019 Defeater Defeater Epitaph Records
17/5/2019 RAMMSTEIN RAMMSTEIN self-released
17/5/2019 Rammstein Rammstein self-released
17/5/2019 Eat Your Heart Out Spinning Fearless Records
24/5/2019 Landless Moonflower Famined Records
24/5/2019 Daybreak Godfather (EP) self-released
24/5/2019 Emil Bulls Mixtape
30/5/2019 The Gloom In The Corner Flesh & Bones (EP) self-released
31/5/2019 Royal Republic Club Majesty Nuclear Blast Records
31/5/2019 Cursed Earth The Deathbed Sessions UNFD