Vycházející alba

Aktuální alba a singly, které by ti neměly uniknout.
Zobrazuji výpis desek pro období březen, 2017
Datum Skupina Deska Label
3/3/2017 Within The Ruins Halfway Human eOne Music
3/3/2017 Emmure Look At Yourself SharpTone Records
10/3/2017 Darkest Hour Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora Southern Lord Records
10/3/2017 Black Map In Droves eOne Music
17/3/2017 Fit For An Autopsy The Great Collapse eOne Music
20/3/2017 Countless Coincidence EP White Tower
24/3/2017 Brutality Will Prevail In Dark Places Holy Roar Records
31/3/2017 BackWordz Veracity StaySick Recordings
31/3/2017 Imminence This Is Goodbye SharpTone Records
31/3/2017 Body Count Bloodlust Century Media Records
31/3/2017 The Artificials Heart Tragic Hero Records