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Zobrazuji výpis desek pro období červenec, 2018
Datum Skupina Deska Label
6/7/2018 DevilDriver Outlaws 'Til The End Napalm Records
13/7/2018 Bury Tomorrow Black Flame Music for Nations
13/7/2018 Chelsea Grin Eternal Nightmare Rise Records
13/7/2018 Between You & Me Temporary Sumerian Records
13/7/2018 Hopesfall Arbiter Equal Vision Records
13/7/2018 Between The Buried In Me Automata II Sumerian Records
20/7/2018 Depths Of Hatred Bloodguilt (EP) Prosthetic Records
20/7/2018 Daron Malakian and Scars On Broadway Dictator
20/7/2018 Trash Boat Crown Shyness Hopeless Records
20/7/2018 While She Sleeps You Are We (Special Edition) self-released
27/7/2018 Rise Against The Ghost Note Symphonies, Vol 1 self-released
27/7/2018 Miss Fortune How The Story Ends We Are Triumphant Records